Object Based Storage

GNT Data Centre’s Object Storage is a cost-effective and highly secure alternative to Public Cloud storage that guarantees data sovereignty. It allows data to be managed as objects in a single storage pool where every object exists at the same level. Since it’s not dependent on a centralised server, Object Storage overcomes the challenges of conventional block-based storage and is ideal for Cloud and distributed computing systems.

Our technology partner Cleversafe takes the advantages of object storage even further. The technology is able to ‘slice and dice’ data, running it concurrently in multiple data centre locations to provide up to ‘ten nines’ of availability. This self-healing technology offers unprecedented flexibility, infinite capacity and limitless scalability – slashing costs by reducing the need for duplication, and freeing you from the straitjacket that traditional data storage has become.

G-Cloud Storage

Government Cloud Computing (G-Cloud), aims to simplify how public sector agencies buy and deliver services. GNT Data Centre's Cloud services are secure by design and enable you to realise all of the benefits of G-Cloud without the risk associated with public and community Clouds. We give you solid guarantees on location, security and availability of your data, and have teams of experienced consultants, solution architects and project managers to ensure you make the right decisions at every stage.

Backup as a Service

Unmanaged Backup as a Service – powered by Veeam

A simple, easy to use and configure model of Backup as a Service where you retain overall responsibility for the primary backup system, licensing, maintenance, upgrades and, backup and restore jobs. GNT Data Centre provides a Cloud storage platform sized to your requirements, along with Cloud Connect backup licensing to provide offsite backup.

Managed Backup as a Service- powered by Veeam

GNT Data Centre provides technical consultancy to identify backup requirements and solution a fully managed backup and storage platform. This includes ongoing maintenenace, licensing, upgrades, patching, duplicate backup copies and a dedicated storage repository. GNT Data Centre's client interface enables you to configure new backup jobs and perform simple restorations.

Optional Extras

The following optional extras are available on both Fully mananged and unmanaged Backup as a Service:

Support bundle – Support and assistance with configuring jobs, performing restores and other general tasks.

Data Seeding Service – Customers with large quantities of data can save time and bandwidth in seeding the initial data transfer.


Our service is secure affordable, provides a simple-to-use client interface, unlimited scalability and storage in our UK based Ultra Secure data centres, with 24/7/365 security staff and dedicated support teams trained in backup and recovery. We know that the real value of your backups is only proven when they are restored. With GNT Data Centre you can be confident that if the worst happens, you will be supported by skilled experts, with experience of thousands of successful recoveries.


The costs associated with storing vast amounts of data are one of the largest budget line items for IT departments. By moving data that is accessed rarely onto a more cost effective archive storage environment, you can make substantial savings by freeing space on expensive near line storage platforms and reducing the requirement for capital expenditure.

Data Analysis

GNT Data Centre uses data analysis to drive down the costs associated with data storage. Our Data Analysis and Reporting Service provides you with clear visibility of the types and use of your data, with a report that profiles storage by usage patterns, data types and volumes. The report also presents a cost benefit analysis and provides recommendations on how and where savings can be achieved.